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Collect bids from a network of offtakers, make offers on procurement auctions, and manage contracts on our platform.

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Why AgraWatt?

We're building an easier way to sell environmental attributes.

Over the Counter Transactions

Sourcing deals over the phone is labor-intensive and limits price discovery.

Transparent Marketplace

Our platform makes deal sourcing efficient and encourages price discovery.

Advantages of a Marketplace

Collect bids from a network of offtakers instead of a handful.

Efficient Deal Sourcing

Increased Competition

Easy Access to Multiple Markets

Our auction platform

How it Works

Two ways to sell environmental attributes.

Initiate a Project Auction

List your project and collect bids from a network of offtakers.

Our awesome features
Make Offers

Make offers on procurement auctions initiated by offtakers.

Our awesome features

Project partners can access our marketplace after the e-RIN ruling.

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